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$250 (single user)
Call (multi-user license)

Are you still using an "old fashioned", mechanical punch in clock, or even worse, handwriting your employee hours on a time card? If so, you know how frustrating and costly it is to do the payroll. EXEBA-TAMS™ Time & Attendance software by Escan Technologies Corp. can simplify that process and make payroll a breeze!

EXEBA-TAMS™ Time & Attendance software is a "Real-Time" time & attendance system. Anytime an employee clocks in or out, your host computer is immediately updated. Or you can easily setup EXEBA-TAMS™ to poll information from a data terminal. Hardware worries are not a problem because EXEBA-TAMS™ Time & Attendance software was programmed to run seamlessly with the swipe readers hand held data terminals, etc... All time clock functions are easily controlled by , EXEBA-TAMS™ on your host computer.

EXEBA-TAMS™ Time & Attendance software includes a variety of informative reports: Departments Listing Report, Employees Listing Report, Absence Listing Report, Daily Report, Weekly Report, and Summary Report. Customizing EXEBA-TAMS™ Time & Attendance software to fit your needs is a breeze. You will be able to setup your company parameters, such as company name, workweek definition and schedule rules (grace period). EXEBA-TAMS™ allows you to customize and have complete control of your departments, schedules, employees, holidays and absences.

ATS data terminals accommodate employee clock messages. Throw away those time cards and take control of your business with EXEBA-TAMS™!

Save Time and Money while Eliminating Payroll Headaches
Automate calculation of weekly payroll
Reduce clerical and data entry costs
Greatly reduce human error
End "Buddy Punching"

Allows for Greater Control of Your Employees Schedules
Prevents early & late clock times
Provides on-line validation of every employee clocking
• Filtering of report data by departments, employee and dates
Create and keep track of employee data, schedules, departments, absences, and holidays
Scheduling by employee for every day of the week
Editing the time sheet by defining attendance rules: rounding total time, grace period, work week definition and overtime rules
Limit user access to the software through password security
Review missed clock in/ out, out-of-schedule clock in/out in the Exceptions Report
Allows supervisor overrides of key employee data including rate codes, department, clock in times, etc.
Schedule vacations and holidays




EXEBA-TAMS™ Features

Creates and keeps track of employee data, schedules, departments, employees absences and holidays
Allows customization of work week and schedule rules
Allows editing of time sheet data:
Automates weekly payroll calculations

Provides scheduling by employee for every day of the week
Prevents early and late clock time
Allows adding a grace period to the scheduled time
Provides on-line schedule validation of every employee clock in/out
Generates an Exceptions report of all missed clock in/out, out-of-schedule clock in/out

Time and Attendance Reports: Exceptions, Absences, Daily, Weekly and Summary Reports
Listings: Department, Employees, Holiday Listing Report
Allows filtering of report data by department, employee and date

Data Entry Options
IBC Readers
PC Keyboard/any Bar Code Scanner
Hand Held Bar Code Reader
Magnetic Stripe / Slot Reader

IBC Reader
Send and receive data from single or multiple readers
Downloads and uploads employee and schedule information for access control
Polls different types of readers
Programs the reader by sending commands
Easily configure the following options: magstripe, barcode, speaker, LEDs, time and date...

Accu-Time Systems Data Terminal
Send and receive data through RS232/RS485, internal/external modem
• Communicates with multiple clocks connected to a single or multiple port.
EXEBA-TAMS™ will automatically open and close the port, dial and hang up a modem while a new clock with new settings is selected
Easily configure clocks parameters, employee messages, time and date stamp, and clock functions.
Sends any ATS programming command to the clock
Selects the data and downloads it to send to the clock. Download data includes employee, departments, schedules, messages, and clock configuration parameters
Automatically polls the data from any number of clocks at predefined times
Allows supervisor overrides of key employee data including department, clock in times, etc.
Customizes clock standard messages and employee messages

Other Features
Import and export of employee and time sheet data
Import function allows field mapping
Select the import and export format (text, Access, FoxPro,...)
Automate import/export steps by using templates
Archiving & Unarchiving
Remote Polling of the ATS Time Clock
Control Clock from Menu Driven Command
Customize your Workweek Definition and Schedule Rules
Customize Clock Messages
Create Employee Barcoded Badges
• Limits user access to the software through password security

EXEBA-TAMS™ User's Manual PDF (814KB)




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