Labor Tracking & Attendance Monitoring Software

Exeba® Labor & Attendance Tracking Software "
EXEBA-LATS™" from Escan Technologies Corp. is a comprehensive, feature rich, and easy- to-use Labor Tracking and Time & Attendance system for any size business.

This program can be used alone on your PC or with hand held portable data collectors or time clock data terminals such as ATS clocks, etc... EXEBA-LATS™ gives management complete control over all employee functions. Some of these functions include: setup the company parameters, department’s data, employee schedules, company holidays, job codes, part’s data, work orders...

EXEBA-LATS™ is a secure program that only allows authorized personnel to edit the program through the user accounts with password protection. You can specify who has access to the most critical data on the system.

EXEBA-LATS™ uses more than 35 reports for total control of your business. Some of the major reports are the employee detail and listing reports, absences, holidays, daily, weekly, summary, exceptions, parts listing, progress, and labor tracking.

Customizing EXEBA-LATS™ to fit your needs is a breeze. You will be able to setup your company parameters, such as company name, workweek definition and schedule rules (grace period.) You can also customize and have complete control of your departments, schedules, employees, holidays and absences. The user can also specify the time the day starts. This is useful for companies that have shifts that pass the midnight hour and want to be able to clock out the next day.

Exeba® Labor & Attendance Tracking Software will give you complete control and piece of mind that your company is doing everything to be as productive as possible.

EXEBA-LATS™ User's Manual PDF (1.02 MB)





  Portable Program Menus:

Time & Attendance Menu
Contains menu options to collect employee time & attendance data. On some portables, this menu also provides verification of employee data and checks the schedule.

Labor Tracking Menu
Allows you to collect data using three different functions:

By Work Order, it keeps track of the jobs performed on every part for every work order.

By Part Number, it keeps track of every job performed on a specific part.

By Job Code, it keeps track of total time spent on a specific job.

Supervisor’s Menu
Password protected menu that contains options that should be available only to supervisors.

EXEBA-LATS™ Features:

Define company workweek

Create unlimited number of employee records

Setup employee schedules

Group employees by departments

Include holiday and absence hours in the time attendance reports

Edit time and attendance for a single/group of employees

Setup parts, job codes and work orders

Provides different methods for collecting data: PC data entry forms, text files, ATS clock...

Provides three different functions for labor tracking: Work Order, Parts, Job Codes

Edit labor tracking data easily

Compute employee efficiency

Generate progress and work order reports to track the labor process

Export/Import data in ASCII format

Generate more than 35 different reports

Allow querying and sorting of data in the reports

Print barcodes for job codes and parts

Archive and unarchive of time and attendance and labor tracking data

Interfaces with Exeba-ATS communication software for the ATS clocks

Supports PC keyboard, RS232, RS485, Modem, and Ethernet TCP/IP communication

Data entry options include:
Hand Held Portables

ATS clocks
bar code slot reader
magnetic stripe swipe reader
bar code scanner

Print photo, bar coded ID card badges.

List Price:

$795 (single user)
$1,795 (2-5 user license)
$2,395 (6-10 user license)
$4,295 (11-25 user license)
$6,545 (26-50 user license)
$10,975 (51-100 user license)




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