ATS Application Software

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$250 (single user)
Call (multi-user license)

software offers a serial communication system for Accu-Time System (ATS) series of time clocks. ATS clocks are used to collect data for time & attendance, labor tracking, access control, job tracking
or any application requiring an automated data collection method.


Interfaces directly with Exeba Software

If you are using the application Exeba® Time and Attendance software (TAMS) or the application Exeba® Labor Tracking software (LATS), you will be able to receive and send data between the two applications seamlessly. Any relevant employee information (ID#, name, schedule data, specific message, department) can be transferred to the clock. All time and attendance and labor tracking information is transferred from the clock and imported automatically into the application.

Can be used as a stand-alone application
  • The application can be used solely for communication.
  • Employee lists and schedules text files can be downloaded to it.
  • Transactional data can be saved in a single or multiple text files.
  • Choose between two different date formats: European or American

Communicates with different clock interfaces

Sends and receives data through RS232/RS485, internal/external modem, Ethernet TCP/IP time clocks

Communicates with multiple clocks and ports

EXEBA®-ATS communicates with multiple clocks connected to a single or multiple ports. It automatically opens and closes the port, dials and hangs up a modem, when a new clock with new settings is selected.


Configure Clock Parameters

EXEBA®-ATS allows you to change the badge input and output length, turn badge validation on and off, enable or disable the keypad, set time-out for message displays, enable or disable function keys, and set the relay activation time.

Modify Standard Employee Messages

You can easily change the default messages, which are displayed by the clock under a variety of conditions.
You can create up to 50 different custom employee messages.

Customize Function Keys

The ATS clock has five function keys, which can be used for different purposes. Exeba®-ATS allows you to define and modify the function key parameters of the clock. You can customize the prompt, size of each input field, and turn ID validation on.


One of the most powerful features of the Exeba®-ATS system is the ability to create and download a configuration file to the clock with a click of a button.

Select and download configuration commands

You can change any clock setting by simply selecting the specific option and sending it to the clock.

Select and download employee data
  • It groups the employee list by department or schedule.
  • Download a list of current employee records to the clock for limiting clock access.
  • Download the employees' schedules to the clock for limiting the hours during which the employees can access the clock.
  • Download specific employee messages to be displayed when an employee clocks in or out.
  • It automatically identifies the schedule and message that belong to a specific employee.

Data such as time and attendance or labor tracking can be obtained from the clock using the Poll Data utility.

  • Polls a single or multiple clocks at the same time.
  • Imports the data automatically after it is received from the clock into Exeba-TAMS™ or Exeba-LATS™.
  • Saves the data in text files.

Additional Features

Sends programming commands to the clock

Any command that is not automatically generated by the software can be sent to the clock by using the Send Command utility.

Set up the clock date/time

Exeba®-ATS allows you to change the date and time set in the clock. It also identifies the date and time set in the clock.

It also allows you to set a predefined date when daylight saving should occur in the clock.

Identify badge/schedule file size

Obtains the number of badges and schedules downloaded to the clock.

Please follow this link to download a demo version of EXEBA-ATS

EXEBA- ATS Manual in PDF Format

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