Swipe Reader Setup Software (E-swipe)

E-swipe is a user-friendly serial communication software designed for the smart swipe readers.
provides all the features you need to communicate with the reader easily and efficiently. With E-swipe you don't have to remember the commands that set the different options on the reader you just have to select and click on the command button.

E-swipe allows you to:

Configure the communication port and settings: RS232 , RS485 and TCP/IP that best suit your hardware requirements.

Set the bar code options for every symbology that the reader supports. These options include enabling and disabling the symbology, setting the length of the bar code read, and specifying the bar code prefix, etc.

• Set the magstripe options for track 1, 2 and multi-track readers. These options include enabling and disabling the track, specify the the prefix and delimiter characters, setting the magstripe length, etc.

• Set the relay, speaker, and LED options to the desired settings.

• Program the reader by sending the appropriate commands

Enable or disable the password on the DC reader.

Program STA/SA reader easily.

• Create the schedule and employee files to download to the reader. View the data files uploaded from the reader using the built-in text editor.

• Download a schedule and an employee file to the reader and view the reader's response instantly.

• Upload the access control list (employee and schedule data) stored in the reader and save the data to a file, if required.

• Poll single or networked readers to obtain the transactional data.

• Add the computer date and time when polling the J reader.

• Save all the data that is coming from the reader to a log file.

Import the transactional data to the Exeba® Time and Attendance application.

Obtain, select and download the access control list from Exeba-TAMS™.

• Define the poll and delay settings such as time-outs and poll delay.

• Define the protocol parameters for the networked readers.

Test the communication between the reader and software



  Hardware Options

Smart Mag J (tracks 1&2 or 2&3)

Smart Slot J (visible or infrared)

Smart Mag STA (tracks 1&2)

Smart Slot STA (visible or infrared)

Smart Mag DC (tracks 1&2)

Setup Options

• Configure the communication parameters

• Set readers for protocol (network) or non-protocol mode

• Define the polling settings: time-out, delays and poll addresses

• Set reader defaults in the software

• Set the application data source

• RS232/RS422/RS485 interface

All Reader Options

• Poll all types of readers, single or networked

• Save the polled data to a text file, or import it into the Exeba-TAMS™ database

• Reset the reader to the manufacturer's default

Determine what communication settings the reader is set on

• Send any command to program the reader

• View the responses coming back from the reader

• Edit, view, and print the data through its text editor

NMR Reader Options

Communicate with the reader using multiple interfaces: RS232, RS485, TCP/IP

Easily setup and connect to a reader through TCP/IP interface

Gets general and network data from the reader

Sets the inactivity timeout

Sets the network IP addresses

Sets the user name and password

Customizes reader's time and message display

STA/SA Reader Options

Program some of the options on the reader such as: turning bad ID logging on or off, setting the record size ...

• Download a text file of the employee and schedule data

Select and download Exeba-TAMS™ employee and schedule data

• Upload the employee and schedule data from the reader

Purge the access control list on the reader

DC Reader Options

Enable, disable, clear and check the password

Access the total records captured by the reader

Set the reader record size

List Price $299

Eswipe Manual (1164k)


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