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NXP Java Based Smart Cards
NXP J2A040
NXP J2A080

Smart Memory Cards
SLE4442 Pin Protected
ATMEL Smart Memory Cards

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SmartMag 18.0 Software
for Smart Card & Magnetic Stripe Encoding / Reading

Java Based Smart Chip Card
Smart Memory Card Version

WIN 10 / WIN 8 / WIN 7/ VISTA

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Exeba® SmartMag Java Software
with Hardware Key

Includes 1 Hardware Key

Reads & Writes
Smart Chip Memory Cards
Smart Memory Pin Protected Cards
ava Based Smart Chip Cards

Exeba® SmartMag Java Software
with Hardware Key

Magstripe Encoding and Reading Professional Software

  • Database for saving, retrieving and sharing data with portable readers
  • All the advanced smart chip / magstripe encoder options are available
  • No Registration / Unlocking Required
  • * No License Restrictions (unlimited installations) *
  • More Data Security - no one can access your data without the key
  • Password Reset Service for Portable Readers
  • Full Technical Support
  • Available on CD or USB memory stick
    (specify which media you prefer upon ordering)
* NOTE: Unlimited installations, however a
hardware key is required for each PC.

Compatible with all the Magnetic Stripe, Smart Chip
Reader/Writers & Portable Readers listed on the screen shot below




Replacement for Lost or Damaged USB
Dongle Keys for license(s) previously purchased
Hardware Key (HK-USB)
No software CD included
Only sold to customers that have purchased the software
from our company or an authorized distributor.

5-Day Trial

Exeba® SmartMag supports different types of smart card & magnetic stripe reader/writers and magnetic stripe portable
readers as well as different types of smart cards / memory cards / pin protected cards / Java cards

  • Developed for WIN 10 / WIN 8 / WIN 7 / VISTA
  • Reads/Writes toSmart Chip Memory Cards
  • Reads/Writes to Smart Chip Memory Pin Protected Cards
  • Reads/Writes Java Smart Chip Cards (JCOP21-36, J2A040, J2A080)
  • Read & Write Gift / Loyalty Smart Memory Cards
  • Customer Loyalty Points can be tracked, added or redeemed
  • Save, update, and delete records in the database
  • Write data from the database into the card
  • Read data from the card directly into the application
  • Move to a previous, next, or any record number
  • Search for a record by entering a criterion
  • View card type
  • Set a PIN# on the card
  • Import data from a text file to the application database
  • Export data to a text file from the application database
  • Specify the order and fields to be included in the export/import file
  • Query report data and print
  • Compact and repair the application database
  • Provides a single menu to install software, install drivers, view documentation and link
    to our web site
  • Provides detailed on-line help and documentation
  • Easily switch between the different hardware and application types without exiting the software
  • Obtain reader and card features
  • Saves data in a database/text file
  • Provides database security by setting a password
  • Select between 13 different card applications (predefined and custom)
  • The Read/Write window provides the flexibility to read and write any data to the smart card
  • Allows the user to set a default application for quick access
  • Allows the user to select between a few software startup options
  • Auto connects to smart card readers

Select different types of predefined applications:

  • General Card application which contains standard fields such as ID, name, address…
  • Member Card application which can be used for gym memberships…
  • Health card application which can be used in healthcare for quickly identifying patients…
  • Loyalty card application for tracking loyal customers' purchases…
  • Gift Card applications for issuing smart cards to customers





Cloud 2700F

Contact Reader / Writer


Contact Reader / Writer


Contact Reader / Writer

Omnikey 3121
Contact Reader / Writer

Contact IC Reader / Writer
and Magstripe Reader Only

Contact Reader / Writer

Contact Reader / Writer


Portable Reader / Writer
(only compatible with smart memory cards)

SmartMag User's Manual PDF (5.10 MB)

EXEBA COMM Magnetic Stripe Read/Write SOFTWARE

All You Need To Know About Magstripe Guide to Magnetic Encoding on Cards

Magnetic Track Specifications

California Driver License's Format (DMV)

Driver License's Format Recommended by (AAMVA)

Credit Card Format

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