Access Control Attendance Monitoring Software

List Price:
$250 (single user)
Call (multi-user license)

EXEBA-ACON™ is a "Real Time" access control system designed for Clubs, Gym and other organizations that deal with members. It is designed to run with hardware offered be Escan Technologies Corp.

Security may be a concern in your company or you may want to monitor employee, member, student,...
can simplify the process and make Access Control Monitoring a breeze!

It is a "real-time" access control monitoring system. Anytime personnel/members enter or exit a secured area, your host computer is updated immediately. Or you can easily set up EXEBA-ACON™ to poll information from your data terminal. All hardware functions are easily controlled by EXEBA-ACON™ on your host computer.

EXEBA-ACON™ comes complete with an ID badge template which includes a barcode printing utility.

Customizing EXEBA-ACON™ to fit your needs is a breeze. You will be able to setup your company parameters, such as company name, workweek definition and schedule rules (grace/recess period.)


ACON Features
Creates and keeps track of member data, member groups, group rules, schedules, messages,....
Allows use of alternate member ID
Customize member messages. (i.e., by simply entering the individual's birthdate, the software automatically sends a "Happy Birthday" message)
Setup Member Groups by defining a set of rules.
Grant selective access to certain facilities or events.
Member data can be secured independently by setting up an internal password.
To comply with the hardware requirements, the ID badge length can automatically be setup to 6 or 12 digits.
You can program the time clock to inactivate Members that do not comply with specific conditions (i.e., payment, expired membership, denied access to a facility/event,...).
Select the number of days the clock warns the member about the upcoming expiration date.

Daily, Weekly and Summary Reports
Department Listing Report
Exceptions Report
Member(s) Listing Report
Member(s) Report for a specified period of time

Provides schedule for every member
Allows adding a grace period to the schedule
Provides a schedule validation for every clock in/out
Prevents early & late clock times
Reports out-of-schedule clock in/out

Data Entry Options
IBC Readers
ATS Data Collection Terminal
Magnetic Stripe Serial Readers
PC Keyboard/any Bar Code Scanner
Hand Held Bar Code Reader
Magnetic Stripe / Slot Reader

Other Features
Importing & Exporting
Archiving & Unarchiving
Remote Polling of the ATS Time Clock
Control Clock from Menu Driven Command
Customize your Workweek Definition and Schedule Rules
Customize Clock Messages
Create Member ID Badges
Supports keyboard, RS232, RS485, Modem and Ethernet TCP/IP communication


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